The University of Manchester’s Phon lab is the research hub for all work in acoustic and articulatory phonetics, experimental phonology and sociophonetics at the University of Manchester. The lab is used by Linguistics and English Language (LEL) staff, PhD students and MA and UG dissertation writers.

Located in Samuel Alexander W.3.18, the lab consists of 3 rooms for recording and analysing speech data. Its facilities include ultrasound, EPG and other articulatory machines (see resources), a sound-treated booth, as well as Mac computers and PCs for running experiments and performing acoustic analyses. The lab also stocks equipment for use and loan for students conducting research and doing coursework in LEL.

Do you want to use the lab and/or its equipment?

The lab is not open over the summer, but you can still borrow equipment. Please contact Wendell Kimper (wendell.kimper@manchester.ac.uk) or – during August – Míša Hejná (michaela.hejna@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk) with any enquiries or to book the lab for a recording session or to borrow equipment.

Before you email us to book the recording room, please have a look at the events booked for the lab space either in the Calendar (on the right) or in the Scheduling section. This saves both your and our time.